Welcome to your journey with School of Code!

This isn't your standard application process because this isn't your standard course! 

Here's an outline of each of the steps in your application for a place on one of our bootcamps. Full instructions are given at every stage.

Before you start your application you'll need to register and then log in to complete a quick eligibility check.  At this point we'll also ask you to tell us why you want to join School of Code - why it's right for you and why you're right for us (500-1000) words.

Once your eligibility profile is complete you'll be able to log in to start your application.

The application portal will step you through each of the tasks.  You can save your work as you go along and see your application status at every stage.

Your inial application is made up of 4 parts:

  • Video Intro: Being a good communicator is an essential skill for a modern developer, especially in a world of remote working. We'd like you to submit a short video response to our interview questions and show us that you can confidently express yourself.
  • Character Building: Create your own Pixel Character using our fun, in-house platform.
  • Scratch Game Challenge: After watching a video introducing computer science and the art of programming, complete your very own Scratch game
  • Data Collection: This is where we need to collect some more information about you, as required by the Department for Education.

When your initial application is complete it will be reviewed by the team - successful submissions are followed up with our selection process:  

  • Bootcamp Selection Process: You'll be invited to join an interactive live session that will take place over zoom and you'll have the chance to complete some fun challenges in small groups. As well as giving you a taste of School of Code live sessions, this is where we'll take a closer look at your communication skills and see how you problem solve in teams.

(Our application process is an open one - you are applying to learn with the School of Code rather than for a specific bootcamp so, if your application is successful, we'd offer you a place on the next bootcamp, depending on availability).

We can't wait for you to start your journey into tech with us!

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